var imgURLArray = [String]()

override func viewDidLoad() {

    myTableView.delegate = self
    myTableView.dataSource = self

    Alamofire.request("").responseJSON { (response) in
            if let value = response.result.value {
                let json = JSON(value)
                for i in 1...9 {
                    if let imageURL = json["data"][i]["images"]["standard_resolution"]["url"].string {
                    } else {
                      print("no way")

When I print imgURLArray it is empty.
I tried dispatchQueue and it's still not working.
I also tried passing it to tableview and reload, but it doesn't work either.

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    Without knowing the JSON it's rather impossible to answer the question. – vadian Aug 15 at 18:31
  • there is an access token which is private .. the problem is not in json at all , i can print array inside the closure and it is working fine , the problem is the array is empty outside the closure – Ahmed Medhat Aug 22 at 9:24
  • When I print imgURLArray it is empty. is pretty misleading as in the given code you are printing the array inside the closure. The request works asynchronously. Just do the things you need to do inside the closure. – vadian Aug 22 at 9:30

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