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We have the configuration above, where the server handles up to 100 concurrent requests, a few of them are rather large: up to 3-4MB payload, at a single request (not using multi-part etc.)

This works fine, but once in a while we get an error from the nginx: HTTP 502 "Bad Gateway"

In the access log we see

writev() failed (104: Connection reset by peer) while sending request to upstream

or: recv() failed (104: Connection reset by peer) while reading response header from upstream

There is no error from on the Java (Jetty/Dropwizard) server.

We assume this is due to Jetty closing the connection a bit too soon, maybe sending a response even before receiving data completed?!

We tried to increase the buffer size on nginx: client_max_body_size 24M; client_body_buffer_size 128k;

and lowered the keep_alive idle timeout (60 -> 25 sec) to avoid a case where the jetty closes it a bit sooner (30 sec timeout): proxy_http_version 1.1; proxy_set_header Connection ""; keepalive_timeout 25;

This didn't make a change. Headers shouldn't be large. and 99.9% of the requests work as expected (all requests are similar).

A weird thing is that after upgrading Dropwizard (1.2.2 -> 1.3.5) and Jetty (9.4.7 -> 9.4.11) the errors happen x20 more often.

I wonder what should be the next steps of investigation? What could have happened / what are the pitfalls we could try workaround?

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