I would like to periodically search my gmail inbox by specific e-mails with a fixed subject. Someone have any idea how can I automate this search? I'm using the gmailr package. Any idea would be much appreciated.

Best regards, Hellen


I found a solution using AWS. I wrote about it in detail here.

Briefly, what you need to do is:

  1. Set up an AWS instance.
  2. Write a function to check email. My function below.
  3. Set up a CronR job to run it regularly.

    checkEmail <- function(searchString="from: X@example.com [Test]: New Order",minutesThreshold=20){
      searchResults<- messages(searchString) %>% 
        unlist(.,recursive = FALSE)
          searchResults$resultSizeEstimate," results found for ",searchString,"\n"))
      # extract bookings
      searchResultsDf <- dplyr::bind_rows(searchResults$messages)
      selectid <- vector()
      for(i in 1:nrow(searchResultsDf)){
        # get individual ID  
        id <- searchResultsDf$id[i]
        #extract message
        resultMessage <- message(id, format = "full")
        # Get the time received of the message
        timeReceived <- resultMessage$internalDate %>%
          as.numeric() %>% 
          `/`(1000) %>%
          as.POSIXct(origin= "1970-01-01")
        cat(paste0("Message received at ",timeReceived,"\n"))
        # if it was a long time ago ignore
          (timeReceived) < (Sys.time()-minutesThreshold*60)
          cat("No recent messages found \n")
          selectid[i] <- id

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