I've searched and searched and I can't find the answer to my problem on SO. So here's my issue. I'm trying to load jQuery Globally using Laravel Mix. I've tried modifying all sorts of files, and nothing seems to be working... I'm still getting the "$ is not defined" error.

Here's my code.


window._ = require('lodash');
window.Popper = require('popper.js').default;

try {
    window.$ = window.jQuery = require('jquery');

} catch (e) {}

window.axios = require('axios');

window.axios.defaults.headers.common['X-Requested-With'] = 'XMLHttpRequest';

let token = document.head.querySelector('meta[name="csrf-token"]');

if (token) {
    window.axios.defaults.headers.common['X-CSRF-TOKEN'] = token.content;
} else {
    console.error('CSRF token not found: https://laravel.com/docs/csrf#csrf-x-csrf-token');


mix.js('resources/assets/js/app.js', 'public/js')
   .js('resources/assets/js/select2.min.js', 'public/js')
   .sass('resources/assets/sass/app.scss', 'public/css')
   .sass('resources/assets/sass/admin/app.scss', 'public/css/admin')
   .copy('resources/assets/css/fontawesome.css', 'public/css')
   .copy('resources/assets/css/select2.min.css', 'public/css')
   .copy('resources/assets/webfonts', 'public/webfonts')
   .copy('resources/assets/js/tinymce', 'public/js/tinymce');


Error I'm getting:

Error Screenshot

Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined

Code on inside of create.blade.php in the @section('scripts')

{{-- Tiny MCE --}}
<script src="/js/tinymce/tinymce.min.js"></script>
        plugins: 'link',
        menubar: false,
        branding: false,
        resize: false,
        statusbar: false,
        force_br_newlines : false,
        force_p_newlines : false,
        forced_root_block : '',
        toolbar:    ['undo redo | cut copy paste | removeformat',
                    'bold italic underline | link | outdent indent | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify alignnone',],

{{-- Image Javascript --}}
<script type="text/javascript">
    $(function() {

        // We can attach the `fileselect` event to all file inputs on the page
        $(document).on('change', ':file', function() {
            var input = $(this),
            numFiles = input.get(0).files ? input.get(0).files.length : 1,
            label = input.val().replace(/\\/g, '/').replace(/.*\//, '');
            input.trigger('fileselect', [numFiles, label]);

        // We can watch for our custom `fileselect` event like this
        $(document).ready( function() {
            $(':file').on('fileselect', function(event, numFiles, label) {

            var input = $(this).parents('.input-group').find(':text'),
            log = numFiles > 1 ? numFiles + ' files selected' : label;

            if( input.length ) {
            } else {
                if( log ) alert(log);



AND finally my layout file

<!-- Scripts -->
        <script src="{{ asset('js/app.js') }}" defer></script>

        {{-- Page Specific Scripts --}}


What am I doing wrong?!?!?

Console.log(e) returns nothing... which means jquery should be loading correctly but isn't.

this is the app.js file

Still giving same error

  • Catch the error ..? – Teemu Aug 16 '18 at 4:55
  • from a brief look, try maybe wrapping your code with on load without depending on jQuery. Maybe it breaks on that point – Tzook Bar Noy Aug 16 '18 at 5:00
  • @Teemu how would i do that? – J. Robinson Aug 16 '18 at 5:04
  • ?? You've wrapped jQuery loading into try..catch, why not log the error message, if there happens to be a one. – Teemu Aug 16 '18 at 5:05
  • That try catch was already there... i didn't write that... it came with laravel already installed – J. Robinson Aug 16 '18 at 5:09

If you use jquery in laravel mix, import this way in your app.js:

window.$ = window.jQuery = require('jquery');
  • 7
    That does no longer work in laravel 6. I have in bootstrap.js line: try { window.Popper = require('popper.js').default; window.$ = window.jQuery = require('jquery'); require('bootstrap'); } catch (e) {} and still have that problem – Sebastian Mar 23 '20 at 12:43
  • @Sebastian try change it to global.$ = global.jQuery = require('jquery'); – Orange-Man Sep 29 '20 at 15:39

I had the same problem on Laravel 6. You can do two things...

Or remove de defer from the script tag;

<script src=”{{ asset(‘js/app.js’) }}” defer></script>

Should be:

<script src=”{{ asset(‘js/app.js’) }}"></script>

Or use jQuery after load event in your Blade template like this;

window.addEventListener('load', function() {

The defer attribute in a script tag is used when you want the script to be executed after the page has been parsed completely. So you can only make use of the loaded script once the page is loaded and the script is completely loaded.

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