I am new in lombok library. I am using @Builder pattern of lombok but it return generic of Object type:

public class Schedule<T>
    private String frequency;
    private T properties;

From calling class:

Abc abc=new Abc();
Schedule<Object> schedule=Schedule.builder().frequency( "ankit" ).properties( abc ).build();

i want result in Schedule<Abc> but getting Schedule<Object>.

Thanks and respond as soon as possible.


This is not a issue of lombok.you need to type cast it to Your class Abc. For type cast you need to follow syntax:

T<M> t=T.<M>builder()
        .variablename("set value")

as answered by @Micha: https://stackoverflow.com/a/51873129/6097074


You need to pass Abc as generic parameter to builder():

Schedule<Abc> schedule = Schedule.<Abc>builder() .frequency( "ankit" ) ^^^ .properties( abc ) .build();

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