I'm using TYPO3 8.7 and the latest extension gridelements (8.2.3). Now I want to show/render an image in my FLUIDTEMPLATE.. - but I don't know how?!?

Here's my TypoScript:

tt_content {
    gridelements_pi1 = COA
    gridelements_pi1 {
        20 {
            10 {
                setup {
                    SectionColoured < lib.gridelements.defaultGridSetup
                    SectionColoured {
                        cObject = FLUIDTEMPLATE
                        cObject {
                            file = EXT:myext/.../SectionColoured.html

Now, I upload an image (e.g. for background-image) via flexforms, like this:

<backgroundimage type="array">
                        <TCEforms type="array">
                            <config type="array">
                                <foreign_selector_fieldTcaOverride type="array">
                                <foreign_match_fields type="array">
                                <appearance type="array">

That works so far. How can I use the image in my FLUIDTEMPLATE? The debugger returns 12 on {data.flexform_backgroundimage} ?!

<section class="main-content {data.flexform_farbe}">

Debug {data}.. THanks for your help!

pi_flexform => array(1 item)
      data => array(1 item)
         general => array(1 item)
            lDEF => array(2 items)
               farbe => array(1 item)
               backgroundimage => array(1 item)
                  vDEF => '12' (2 chars)

Edit: image uid image background image


It's funny. If I try it with the TYPO3 Fluid ViewHelper:

<section style="background-image:url({f:uri.image(src: '{data.flexform_backgroundimage}', treatIdAsReference: 1)})">

I'll get an error You must either specify a string src or a File object.

Now I use vhs:

{namespace v=FluidTYPO3\Vhs\ViewHelpers}

<section style="background-image:url({v:uri.image(src: '{data.flexform_backgroundimage}', treatIdAsReference: 1)})">

And everything works .. here's the view helper reference of the vhs extension. Thanks for the helping guys!


Since FAL is working with records instead of plain text paths to the image, you have to use the ID of the record to get the actual image file.

Since I am not 100% sure, you should check if 12 is the ID of the sys_file_reference record or the sys_file record used for that particular image before using the usual < f:image> viewhelper either with or without "treatIdAsReference".


If you just need the path to the image and not an image tag you should go for < f:uri.image> instead.


  • The 12 is the uid from the image, I've edit my initial post. There's an error with < f:uri.image> .. and with the view helper <f:image> I see nothing, with and without treatIdAsReference...?! Error You must either specify a string src or a File object – user2310852 Aug 16 '18 at 16:02
  • When the ID is shown while hovering the inline record, this is not the ID of a sys_file but of the reference, so treatIdAsReference should be the way to go. – Jo Hasenau Aug 16 '18 at 21:47

This is how I did it some time ago, using the media field of tt_content instead of using flexform. This solution assumes that

a) you are using a "frontend provider" extension (EXT:yourext) that stores your TypoScript and Fluid Templates

b) EXT:yourext depends on EXT:gridelements

c) In this example, my gridelement object is called twocolumnscontainer

1) TS Constants: use EXT:yourext as alternative path for fluid templates, layouts, partials

styles.templates.templateRootPath = EXT:yourext/Resources/Private/Templates/ContentElements/ 
styles.templates.partialRootPath = EXT:yourext/Resources/Private/Partials/ContentElements/
styles.templates.layoutRootPath = EXT:yourext/Resources/Private/Layouts/ContentElements/

2) in TS Setup, define the template cObject for content grids

lib.gridelements.defaultGridSetup.cObject =<  lib.contentElement

tt_content.gridelements_pi1.20.10.setup.twocolumnscontainer < lib.gridelements.defaultGridSetup
tt_content.gridelements_pi1.20.10.setup.twocolumnscontainer {
  cObject.templateName = GridElementTwoColumns
    cObject.dataProcessing {
        10 = TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\DataProcessing\FilesProcessor
        10 {
            references.fieldName = media
            as = backgroundimage 


3) In TS Config:

tx_gridelements.setup.twocolumnscontainer {
  title = Two columns element with background image
  description = whatever
    colCount = 2
    rowCount = 1
    rows {
        1 {
            columns {
                1 {
                    name = column 1
                    colPos = 100
                2 {
                    name = column 2
                    colPos = 101

4) EXT:yourext/TCA/Overrides/tt_content_element_gridelement.php

defined('TYPO3_MODE') || die();

     * Limit the number of images in "media" for gridelements contents


5) Define the Fluid template (I removed the classes so you can use whatever you want, Bootstrap, Foundation...): EXT:yourext/Resources/Private/Templates/ContentElements/GridElementTwoColumns.html

<f:layout name="Default"/>
<f:section name="Main">
<f:if condition="{backgroundimage.0}">
    <div class="">
        <div class="">
            {data.tx_gridelements_view_column_100-> f:format.raw()}
        <div class="">
            {data.tx_gridelements_view_column_101-> f:format.raw()}

I hope I have not forgotten important steps :)

  • Hi Riccardo. That looks good, but I use the mediafield from tt_contentalready for a header image. I cannot use it also for a background-image in a gridelement. So maybe I will use your example and try to change my setup instead. Thanks for your answer ... but it have to be working with a flexform-Image?! – user2310852 Aug 16 '18 at 11:09
  • @user2310852 See my other answer – Riccardo De Contardi Aug 16 '18 at 14:36

This should work for you:

<f:uri.image src="{data.flexform_backgroundimage}" treatIdAsReference="1"/>
  • Hi Riccardo. this throws me an error ` You must either specify a string src or a File object.`. – user2310852 Aug 16 '18 at 17:09
  • umm it is strange because for me it worked fine... are you looking at a gridelement with an image set or not? – Riccardo De Contardi Aug 16 '18 at 17:30
  • Since 12 would be an ID string that can be treated as a reference, you should make sure that this works. So what happens when you replace the variable with a plain 12? – Jo Hasenau Aug 16 '18 at 22:03
  • Thanks for your help. With <f:uri.image src="12" treatIdAsReference="1"/> i'll get the path of my image. An error with {data.flexform_baclgroundimage}?!?! – user2310852 Aug 17 '18 at 7:00
  • Can you do a debug output of that particular field and add it to the description? – Jo Hasenau Aug 17 '18 at 9:19

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