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in javascript I can write the follow code:

response = {
    status: 1,
    data: {
        key : 2
var result = `status is ${response.status}, data key is ${response.data.key}`

the output is

status is 1, data key is 2

Is there any libs provide the way to do it in java, providing the following function?

String xxxFunction(Map map, String template)

please note the usage of ${response.data.key}, map in map

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You can make use of String.format

String template = "status is %s, data key is %s"
String result = String.format(template, status, key);
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You can try StrSubstitutor from Apache common text

 Map valuesMap = HashMap();
 valuesMap.put("animal", "quick brown fox");
 valuesMap.put("target", "lazy dog");
 String templateString = "The ${animal} jumps over the ${target}. ${undefined.number:-1234567890}.";
 StrSubstitutor sub = new StrSubstitutor(valuesMap);
 String resolvedString = sub.replace(templateString);

You can find a download link / dependency here

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