Using databricks notebook, I am able to connect to 'snowflake' from databricks and write content to table in snowflake using 'scala' but it doesn't work using 'python'

I have created both library in databricks which helps to establish connection between databricks and snowflake. "snowflake-jdbc-3.6.8" and "spark-snowflake_2.11-2.4.4-spark_2.2". here the end goal is to use databricks(for machine learning- SPARK) and move data back and forth between databricks and snowflake.

Here is the code , where I am trying to "write the content of the dataframe to snowflake"

  1. load data into dataframe

    df1 = spark.read.format('csv').option("header", "true").\ option("inferSchema", "true").load("dbfs:/databricks-datasets/airlines/part-00000") display(df1)

I can see data has been loaded into dataframe

  1. Use secret manager to get the login name and password for the Snowflake user.

    user = dbutils.secrets.get(scope="jdbc", key="snowflake_username") password = dbutils.secrets.get(scope="jdbc", key="snowflake_password")

  2. snowflake connection options

    options = dict(sfUrl="https://snowflake_username.snowflakecomputing.com", sfUser=user, sfPassword=password, sfDatabase="my_database", sfSchema="PUBLIC", sfWarehouse="my_warehouse")

    SNOWFLAKE_SOURCE_NAME = "net.snowflake.spark.snowflake"

No errors so far

  1. Write contents of the data frame to Snowflake

    df1.write.format(SNOWFLAKE_SOURCE_NAME) \ .options(**options) \ .option("dbtable", "datafromspark") \ .save()

Error : java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:snowflake://https://snowflake_username.snowflakecomputing.com


I found the error: In step 3. no need to mention "https://" i.e. sfUrl="https://snowflake_username.snowflakecomputing.com" # giving an error sfUrl="snowflake_username.snowflakecomputing.com" #works fine

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