Haves second html block in page:

<div class="card card-hover card-visited wordwrap job-link js-hot-block">
    <img width="100" height="50" alt="Micro Focus" class="preview-img preview-img-logo" src="//i.work.ua/employer_design/3/4/6/106346_company_logo_3.png">
    <h2 class="add-bottom-sm"><a href="/jobs/2052763/" title="Java Full-stack developer, вакансия от 10 августа 2018">Java Full-stack developer</a></h2>
    <span><b>Micro Focus</b></span>&nbsp;
    <span>· </span>
    <span>Киев&nbsp;· </span>
    <span><span class="label label-hot">Горячая</span></span>
    <p class="overflow"> Полная занятость. Опыт работы от 2 лет. Высшее образование.
    <br> SERENA Software (www.serena.com), part of&nbsp;MicroFocus group, is&nbsp;the global leader in&nbsp;Application Lifecycle…<a href="/jobs/2052763/"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-chevron-right"></span></a></p>

How to fulfill the condition, using jsoup:

if href equals "/jobs/2052763/" then return "Micro Focus" ?

I can find href "/jobs/2052763/" and can find "Micro Focus" (element/attr("alt")), but cannot tie with each other.

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Try this

Elements result =
  doc.select("h2:has(a[href*=\"/jobs/2052763/\"]) + span > b");

Choose child (>) b of preceded sibling (+) span of h2 having (:has(...)) a with attribute href value /jobs/2052763/ ([...]=...).

Find <a>, move two parents up and select img:

Element link = doc.selectFirst("a[href=/jobs/2052763/]");
  • Super method! But selectFirst() not present in Document class(?), however select() work well. Thank you! – Valentyn Hruzytskyi Aug 16 at 21:40
  • Use .select(...).first() or upgrade your Jsoup. – Krystian G Aug 16 at 21:41

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