Is there any way to obtain the list of columns requested inside a Postgres function? By way of illustration:

create type a_type as (id int, val text, expensive int[]);

create function find_by_id(rid int) returns setof a_type as $$
    atyp a_type%rowtype;
    select id,val from a_table where id=rid into,atyp.val;
    select array(select int_column from another_table where foreign_id=rid) into atyp.expensive;
    return next atyp;
$$ language plpgsql;

This is populating the int[] field of the return type with a query to another table with a foreign key on our main table and is of course called with select [COLUMN LIST] from find_by_id(ID). Is there any way of accessing [COLUMN LIST] from inside the function? If expensive is not specified in the column list then I do not need to do the second select and populate a field that is only going to be thrown away by Postgres before returning the result.

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    So basically you want your function to know what columns the calling query is selecting, without passing those column names to the function explicitly? If so then no, it can't be done. You'll have to supply them as an argument to the function. – eurotrash Aug 17 at 8:50
  • That's pretty much what I'd assumed. It's not a great hassle to modify the function to take, say, a set of flags that the caller would provide as arguments if the expensive columns are specified (this is being driven by a Node/GraphQL front end) but it would be nice to keep the logic entirely within Postgres. – David G Aug 17 at 15:14

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