I am trying to parse some json but seem to be getting nil in the outputs.

I am not sure where I am going wrong and could use some help trying to figure this out.

struct albumInfo: Decodable {
var name: String?
var artist: String?
var url: String?
var playcount: String?
var listeners: String?
var releasedate: String?
var summary: String?

class SearchVC: UIViewController {

override func viewDidLoad() {

    Choice = "album"
    Album = "Believe"
    Artist = "Cher"

    let tryURL = "\(BASE_URL)\(Choice!).getinfo&api_key=\(API_KEY)&artist=\(Artist!)&album=\(Album!)&format=json"

    guard let url = URL(string: tryURL) else { return }

    URLSession.shared.dataTask(with: url) { (data, response, err) in

        guard let data = data else { return }

            do {
            let albumDescription = try JSONDecoder().decode(albumInfo.self, from: data)


            }catch let jsonErr {
                print("Error seroalizing json", jsonErr)


Here is the data as shown with the tryUrl.

enter image description here

  • You can go to json4swift.com and create swift models in a fly.Just paste your json and click on generate and you are good to go. – Vikky Aug 17 '18 at 4:44

First of all please conform to the naming convention that struct names start with a capital letter.

There are two major issues:

  1. The root object is a dictionary with one key album containing the dictionary with keys name, listeners etc.
  2. The key summary is in another dictionary for key wiki.

The structure of the JSON is very easy to identify. The body within each pair of braces ({}) represents a separate struct.

Further there is no key releasedate so this struct member has to be declared as optional, all other members can be declared as non-optional and as constants (let). url can be declared as URL for free.

Change your structs to

struct Root : Decodable {
    let album : AlbumInfo

struct AlbumInfo: Decodable {
    let name: String
    let artist: String
    let url: URL
    let playcount: String
    let listeners: String
    let releasedate: String?
    let wiki : Wiki

struct Wiki: Decodable {
    let content: String     
    let published: String
    let summary: String

and decode Root

let albumDescription = try JSONDecoder().decode(Root.self, from: data)
  • Thank you for your time on this, and especialy your explination that helped alot in understanding. I was trying to access somthing without actaly pointing to the parent first and then the same within the body. this made more sence to me than the tutorials i have been following. Im not sure why my question was voted down, it was a genuine problem for me that i couldnt find an answer too, your explination using my code made it a lot easier to understand. Thank you again for that. All the best. – Tony Merritt Aug 17 '18 at 10:25

The first key of your response is "album", you need to parse that first.


The classes do not correspond to json, I guess you should use the following approach (new classes implement your decode, encode protocol):

class JsonInfo {
var album : albumInfo

do {
let albumDescription = try JSONDecoder().decode(albumInfo.self, from: data)


}catch let jsonErr {
print("Error seroalizing json", jsonErr)

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