I've tried the following three ways to change a directory and it never changes. has anyone else had this problem?

import pysftp
cnopts = pysftp.CnOpts()
cnopts.hostkeys = None
host = 'server1.mydomain.com' # altered
with pysftp.Connection(host=host, **get_credentials(), cnopts=cnopts) as connection:

    connection.execute('cd project')
    print(connection.execute('pwd'))      #---> [b'/home/jm\n']

    connection.execute('cd /home/jm/project')
    print(connection.execute('pwd'))      #---> [b'/home/jm\n']

    print(connection.execute('pwd'))      #---> [b'/home/jm\n']

    with connection.cd('project'):
        print(connection.execute('pwd'))  #---> [b'/home/jm\n']

'/home/jm/project/' does exist by the way. I've also trid many other combinations that I didn't list here.

It doesn't make any sense to me, can you help?


Try chdir() instead. Per the docs:

context manager that can change to a optionally specified remote directory and restores the old pwd on exit.

change the current working directory on the remote


  • omg, skimmed right over that. thanks. – Legit Stack Aug 17 '18 at 4:21
  • In the end though, that didn't work either. maybe its a problem with pysftp talking to centos 7 or something. What did work was this: I have to move to the directory and immediately execute my desired command. otherwise, it moves me back directly after this command finishes executing. connection.execute('cd /home/jm/project ; ls') In other words its as if there's no persistence of the current working directory change. – Legit Stack Aug 17 '18 at 16:15

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