I want to change my default HTML template for new component in Angular 6. I created the app using angular-cli

ng new projectname --routing

and created a new component using

ng g c component

but every time it generated a default HTML template

  It works

I want to change this template with a custom template so that every time when a new component is created, it follows my custom template, not the default one.

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I don't think that's currently possible. The file responsible for creating the templates seems to be this, and there's no option for a custom template in the responsible function.

The file that get's created by ng new component is this html file - so what you could do is to fork angular-cli, edit this to whatever default template you want and you'll have your own for every component creation.

It's on you to decide if it's worth the hassle.


I believe this is now possible through Angular Schematics discussed here in the documentation: https://angular.io/guide/glossary#schematic it seems to provide a means to customize the angular add/generate commands.

There's also a pretty good write up on the new feature here: https://medium.com/@tomastrajan/total-guide-to-custom-angular-schematics-5c50cf90cdb4

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