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 var args = {VehicleManipulation:[{
                     frEndTime? 'a:FirstDeadheadTripEndTime':[frEndTime], :'', 

How to put ternary operator to my example?

if variable has value put this line of code 'a:FirstDeadheadTripEndTime':[frEndTime], if not do not put anything

now I have syntax error

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You need the property first. And then the conditional operator.

'a:FirstDeadheadTripEndTime': frEndTime ? [frEndTime] : '', 

if frEndTime dont have value I do not want to put 'a:FirstDeadheadTripEndTime'

Then you could use another object with a spreading object (if possible)

...(frEndTime ? { 'a:FirstDeadheadTripEndTime': [frEndTime] } : {}),
  • if frEndTime dont have value I do not want to put 'a:FirstDeadheadTripEndTime' – Bobek Aug 17 '18 at 7:13

You are missing key in your object which is incorrect. You need to do:

  var args = {
  VehicleManipulation: [{
    'a:Amount': [Amount],
    'a:Comment': [Comment],
    'a:Date': [date],
    'a:DispatchingVehicleManipulationReasonID': [ReasonID],
    'a:Distance': [Distance],
    'a:FirstDeadheadTripStartTime': [frStartTime],
    'a:SecondDeadheadTripEndTime': [secondEndTime],
    'a:SecondDeadheadTripStartTime': [secondStartTime],
    'a:SubsystemID': [SubsystemNO],
    'a:VehicleID': [VehicleID],
    'a:VehicleManipulationID': [VehicleManipulationID],
    'a:VehicleName': [VehicleName],
  args.VehicleManipulation[0]['a:FirstDeadheadTripEndTime'] = frEndTime

Doing this will only add the key a:FirstDeadheadTripEndTime if frEndTime value exist.

  • how to not add key? – Bobek Aug 17 '18 at 7:17
  • Using this code will add the key 'a:FirstDeadheadTripEndTime' only when frEndTime is defined – Ankit Agarwal Aug 17 '18 at 7:17

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