How can I test a handler method that receive ServerRequest and return Mono<ServerResponse> ?

I can create a ServerRequest via org.springframework.mock.web.reactive.function.server.MockServerRequest.builder(). And assert on the ServerResponse.statusCode(). However I would like to test the body of this ServerResponse but there is no way to extract it.

ServerResponse response = target.search(MockServerRequest.builder()


I don't want to do a broader test with the WebTestClient, I would like to test all possible cases of response with unit tests.



So, it seems that the best solution is to use the WebTestClient. However this one can be used without a running server;

The spring-test module includes a WebTestClient that can be used to test WebFlux server endpoints with or without a running server.

-- https://docs.spring.io/spring/docs/5.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT/spring-framework-reference/html/web-reactive.html#web-reactive-tests

The trick is to use the bindTo..() builder method. In my case bindToRouterFunction(new MyRouter(new MyHandler())) works well

  • I thought you mentioned you don't want to do broader test with WebTestClient – user3595026 Jun 6 '19 at 22:02
  • And you are right. My concern was to keep test running quickly without starting the whole server. And, as I explain in my answer, WebTestClient can be used without a running server. – gervais.b Jun 7 '19 at 8:06
  • Is there a way to assert the ServerResponse without using the WebTestClient ? – tuan.dinh Jun 9 '20 at 3:04
  • I am sorry, I am not actively working with spring anymore. Thus I cannot give you an accurate answer. – gervais.b Jun 9 '20 at 6:19

I had exactly the same question, because I don't want to start the entire Spring context for every test. Thanks for the info in the own-answer, this helped me. Here is a complete example including Mockito and JUnit5:

import java.util.Arrays;
import org.junit.jupiter.api.BeforeEach;
import org.junit.jupiter.api.Test;
import org.junit.jupiter.api.extension.ExtendWith;
import org.mockito.Mock;
import org.mockito.Mockito;
import org.mockito.junit.jupiter.MockitoExtension;
import org.springframework.http.MediaType;
import org.springframework.test.web.reactive.server.WebTestClient;

class UsersHandlerTest {
  UserRepository userRepository;

  WebTestClient client;

  public void setUp() {
    UsersHandler usersHandler = new UsersHandler(userRepository);
    Router router = new Router(usersHandler);

      Arrays.asList("", ""));

    client = WebTestClient.bindToRouterFunction(router.getUsers()).build();

  public void getCommands() {

I have asked a similar question insisting not to use WebTestClient. I have ended up answering my own question after discovering that it is possible to cast the response to a type that allows inspecting body (entity).

The magic line (Kotlin) is:

(serverResponse as EntityResponse<Fleet>).entity()

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