I have a theme.war file, which I've placed in the server/tomcat/tomcat6/webapps of liferay folder. When I start the tomcat server this war files create a theme folder. Now to deploy it what should i do?


if you deployed from a bundle (and assuming the bundle's base directory is LIFERAY) there should be a LIFERAY/deploy directory next to the LIFERAY/tomcat6 directory. To deploy plugins to the Liferay portal server you should drop the WAR file in this deploy directory, not in the webapps. Plugins include portlet applications, themes, layouts, hooks and extensions.


In addition to what David stated (deploy through the "deploy" folder) you'll have to select your theme for the community, organization or just one page by selecting Manage/Page/Look&Feel when it's deployed to tomcat.

Somehow I had the impression that you expect it to show up immediately.

If you want to deploy directly to tomcat you'll have to build your theme in the plugins-sdk with "ant direct-deploy" - this creates a tomcat-deployable theme.

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