Today, when testing my website in Chrome i noticed a strange thing. Sorry if topic appeared before somewhere, but I even dont know how to name it and search.

In the picture below, on the left side you have styling for :link, on the right side you have style for :hover, and in the middle it changes style after being clicked, but not proceeded to the href. For example, it happens when I click and drag the button. In Firefox I have not this.

What is that and how to remove it?



This is the :active attribute that is appearing on your links. The :active attribute is a CSS pseudo-class and it highlights elements that are active or can be active upon a certain action. This can be shown by either clicking on the link or tapping if on a mobile device.

To remove this, you will have to navigate to your CSS, find the styling for that menu and look for (in most cases) a :active{} and delete that. Since we don't have the code you are using, it is hard to pinpoint what exactly you should remove but that will at least give you a good starting point.

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