I ran into issues when tried to obfuscate my code with proguard. The first issue is that I want to remove some annotations but not all. Exactly kotlin's Metadata annotation. If I remove Annotation from -keepattributes it removes all the annotations even if I try to keep certain one. I tried to exclude some annotations with this or this but didn't work.

I also tried:

-keepclassmembers class * { @Annotation public *; }

-keep @Annotation public class *

The second issue is that I want to keep some constructors public. If I keep the constructor then it stays public but it won't rename the package and the class as well and that's not exactly what I want. The only thing I need is to keep the constuctor public. I also removed the -allowaccessmodification but still the same result.

my proguard plugin configuration:

                    <option>-keepattributes Exceptions,InnerClasses,Signature,Deprecated,SourceFile,LineNumberTable,LocalVariable*Table,*Annotation*,Synthetic,EnclosingMethod</option>
                    <option>-keep class gac.GTAnticheat</option>

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