I'm writing a code where I'm fetching a dataset using an internal library and %pyspark interpreter. However I am unable to pass the dataset to %python interpreter. I tried using string variables and it is working fine, but with dataset I'm using the following code to put dataset in a zeppelin context- z.put("input_data",input_data)

and it is throwing the following error:

AttributeError: 'DataFrame' object has no attribute '_get_object_id'.

Can you please tell me how can I do this? Thanks in advance.

  • Did you try to share your variable between pyspark and python interpreter or between two pyspark interpreters? – maxteneff Aug 19 '18 at 9:01
  • It works fine while sharing between same interpreters. Right now I want to share it between pyspark and python – Tanmay Shrivastava Aug 19 '18 at 9:46
  • Any reason why you want to share between pyspark & python ? because pyspark could do whatever python can do – zjffdu Aug 20 '18 at 1:51
  • @zjffdu We were using a company internal API which is only supported by Python. – Tanmay Shrivastava Aug 20 '18 at 8:06
  • As I said above, pyspark should unable to whatever python can do. So I could not understand why you can not use pyspark directly. – zjffdu Aug 21 '18 at 2:50

You can put the result in ResourcePool via print it to %table.

print('%table a\tb\n408+\t+408\n0001\t++99\n40817810300001453030\t0000040817810300001453030')

Then get in such way.

ic = z.getInterpreterContext()
pool = ic.getResourcePool()
paragraphId = "20180828-093109_1491500809"
t = pool.get(ic.getNoteId(), paragraphId, "zeppelin.paragraph.result.table").get().toString()


This way allows to transfer up to 50-100 megabytes of raw data.

Anyway I recommend to follow @zjffdu to use only one of these interpreters.

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