I have an app for android with accessibility service. I tried to run it on Amazon tv but it didn't work. In Amazon website Amazon claims there is no difference between the OS exclude the google service. But I can't get access to my accessibility service. How can I turn it on?

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The accessibility service is a protected component so it is not possible to turn it on programatically.

On my Amazon Fire tablets I can access my service directly through SettingsAccessibilityServices. However, many Android TV's do not support all components.

This article mentions that for TV, accessibility is in the preferences menu under Services so you should start by looking there.

Remember if your app is only the service, the app must first meet the guidelines to run on a TV, before you will see the service listed.

Amazon claims there is no difference between the OS exclude the google service

Unfortunately this turns out not to be true. This page actually lists many differences, but more useful is this page on implementing accessibility for TV. Amazon uses a different setup (VoiceView).

If you still cannot see your service, start with the link above and also make sure you have met these guidelines

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    I have a working app with accessibility service on Android, but when I install it on amazon tv, I can't see my service altho it answer the accessibility service guidelines. – Maor Hadad Aug 30 '18 at 12:55

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