I would like to add text at the data points in my 3D plot. I want the contents of my xx, yy and zz vectors to be the text of their corresponding points.

xx = [124 87];
yy = [50 37];
zz = 1.0e-2*[0.4170 0.3163];

Below was my attempt to add the text in a loop so they can be displayed on the graph at the correct point.

str = {};
for i=1:size(xx)
    str{i} = strcat( num2str(xx(i)), num2str(yy(i)), num2str(zz(i)) ); 

I would like my graph to display the text somewhat similar to the image below. The graph below is the correct graph as well.

enter image description here


Instead of strcat, str should be a nested cell array.

The following code will work.

str = cell(size(xx, 2), 1);
for i=1:size(xx, 2)
    str{i} = {num2str(xx(i)), num2str(yy(i)), num2str(zz(i))}; 
text(xx, yy, zz,str)

enter image description here

For adding 'x:', 'y:' and 'z:' to the label and showing it with offset (10%), I would do this.

str = cell(size(xx, 2), 1);
for i=1:size(xx, 2)
    str{i} = {['x: ' num2str(xx(i))], ['y: ' num2str(yy(i))], ['z: ' num2str(zz(i))]}; 
text(xx+0.1*xx, yy+0.1*yy, zz,str)

enter image description here

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