I am able to connect to my SQL Azure database using SQL Server Authentication However when I try to use Active Directory - Universal with MFA Support I get a 18456 error.

In the Azure Portal , in Access control (IAM) I can see that the user has the owner role and that the scope is

Subscription (inherited).

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IAM role access only gives you management access to the resource in Azure. SQL Server has its own access control. You'll need to follow the instructions here to get access: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/sql-database/sql-database-aad-authentication-configure

  1. Add an AAD administrator
  2. Connect with that user to the SQL instance
  3. Add users/groups to roles with T-SQL

I had the same error but in my case, it happened after I change the AAD Admin. Initially, I'd put a specific user and changed it to a group so more people can administrate it. Turned out that Azure SQL Server didn't apply the change on the server correctly.

To correct the problem, I had to delete the AAD admin and include it again.

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