I am using vue-js-modal library and following the same steps in the documentation, but I need to implement that when the modal opened the user cannot close the modal when he clicks on the background behind the modal.

In the documentation written that use property clickToClose, but when I use it inside the modal error message appears for me:

<modal name="image-modal" clickToClose="false"></modal>

Error message:

Vue warn]: Invalid prop: type check failed for prop "clickToClose". Expected Boolean, got String.

What is the solution to this problem?


clickToClose="false" sets the clickToClose prop to the string "false".

You need to use v-bind to bind to an arbitrary JavaScript expression:

<modal name="image-modal" :clickToClose="false"></modal>

In the above snippet, false is evaluated as JavaScript code instead of a string.

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Subsequently for those using bootstrap-vue: add "no-close-on-backdrop" and set it to "true".

<b-modal id="modal_id" :no-close-on-backdrop="true">
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