I use pymssql to insert some data into my database, the code can run in pycharm, but when i use pyinstaller to pack this code into .exe, it always show error as the picture. I run pyinstaller -F update.py in cmd.

When i open .exe in cmd, it always show this error:


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Have you tried hidden imports if not run: pyinstaller —hidden-import=pymssql filename.py


Have you tried running :

pyinstaller -onefile filename.py

When i added

import pymysql

to the python-file - i was able to compile with pyinstaller and run the program.

(even that this import was NOT necessary in the initial python-program while i was running this from pycharm)


I had same problem in pymssql 2.2.0. In my case helped me rollback to version 1.5.0

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