I'm looking for a tool to enforce coding styles, validation check for T-SQL script. And it recommends best-practice when appliable.

In .net code domain, the tool for this purpose is FxCop. Is there a counterpart for T-SQL? It will be best it is free or open source tool.

Anyone can shed some light?


Power Tools is your best bet.

Also, here is a Microsoft tool for verifying best practices. The documentation specifies it checks T-SQL. It may or may not do what you want.



  • I use the Power Tool for VS 2008 DB Pro. It is cool. – Ken Yao Feb 8 '09 at 12:18

You may wish to look at the RedGate suite of tools, particularly SQL Refactor and SQL Prompt.

This will layout your T-SQL code in a standard fashion and also provide you the ability to customise the standards that are used for your specific shop.


Cheers, John

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