I know how to pass a number from one function to another, e.g:

button.onclick = function()
    csInterface.evalScript("ResizeCustom(" + 1234 + ")");


which would get picked up in the relevant line of the called function using:

function ResizeCustom(inputvalue) {

    desc1.putUnitDouble(cTID('Wdth'), cTID('#Pxl'), inputvalue);


This works successfully for me only using a number.

How do I achieve the same thing if I want to use text?

The text needs to be picked up in the receiving function in quotation marks, e.g:

function SelectLayer(inputtext) {

    ref1.putName(cTID('Lyr '), "Background");


where I want "Background" to be replaced by inputtext, and by extension the text I enter in the first function.


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    I don't understand your question. You pass strings, by passing strings as arguments i.e. myFunc("my string arg") so you would simply call SelectLayer with a string. function SelectLayer(inputtext) { ref1.putName(cTID('Lyr '), inputtext); } then SelectLayer("my string arg) – CascadiaJS Aug 20 at 22:45
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I still recommend checking Davide Barranca's blog HTML extension panels (https://www.davidebarranca.com/2014/01/html-panels-tips-4-passing-objects-from-html-to-jsx/), all the questions you're asking here are answered there.

To pass your string use csInterface.evalScript("ResizeCustom('String')"); or csInterface.evalScript("ResizeCustom('"+strVar+"')");

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