When I tell Explorer to open a file in Visual Studio 2017, then the file will be opened in a running instance of Visual Studio. Only if Visual Studio is not running, a new instance is started.

I'd like to know how this is achieved, and I can think of two scenarios:

  • Do they use something like .NET Remoting? Like, Explorer starts a new instance of devenv.exe, this process checks if there is already a running devenv.exe process. If there is, it signals the running process to open the file and exits.
  • Or is there a Windows Message to signal a running process to open a file (something like WM_OPEN_FILE)? If there is, Explorer could send such a message to the main message queue of Visual Studio. This scenario could be used by other applications as well.

Or is there a third option?

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    VS uses an ancient out-of-process communication protocol named DDE. It completely disappeared as a useful way to do process interop, don't make the mistake of trying to use it yourself, but is still supported by Explorer. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_Data_Exchange Your first bullet is the most accurate mental model. – Hans Passant Aug 21 '18 at 8:14

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