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Hello everyone! I am trying to get a basic python server running. But unfortunately it doesn't work and after hours of googling I have simply no clue.

I installed Python3, checked the version and differed the syntax, but it's no use: It always gives me an "invalid syntax" error. Anyone who knows what's going wrong?

thanks in advance !

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You have to use that command on the command line:


C:\Users\Marc>python -m http.server

this command calls the Windows equivalent directory of the Unix: /usr/lib/python3.x/http/server.py. So something like: C:\Python3x\Lib\http\server.py.

  • I seriously don't know why it didn't work in the first place, but thank you very much! – Marc Szy Aug 21 '18 at 16:10
  • @MarcSzy You were trying to run that system command in the Python interpreter... You can tell by the three greater than signs at the prompt (>>>). Please accept (grey --> green arrow next to this answer) since it fixed! – Joe Iddon Aug 21 '18 at 16:13

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