To implement promo codes I've made the following steps:

  1. In Google Play Console>User Acquisition>Promotions I've added the promotion

  2. Inside the app I've used this to redirect user to the Redeem page on Google Play:

           try {
                final Uri redeemUri = Uri.parse("https://play.google.com/redeem");
                final Intent redeemIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, redeemUri);
            } catch (android.content.ActivityNotFoundException e) {
                // Play Store app is not installed

Everything works up to a point when I actually click redeem. It detects the IAP I'm about to purchase for free, but it gives me the following error:

BX--INV error

Please, help


According to this thread, Google has responded to this error code with "This is an emerging issue that we are aware of. Our engineers are working on a resolution."

It seems to be an issue with redeeming many digital copies of movies, and sometimes ebooks. So it may be a more general problem with their system for redeeming outside content.

But given that was 3 days ago and this post is 6 months old, I'm not particularly hopeful.

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