I have a question about using an Oracle database in nodejs. How can I execute a query by object from post request?

I mean that a different set of parameters can come from the form.

{'name':'foo'} or {'name':'foo', 'surname':'baz'} or {'name':'foo', 'surname':'baz', 'gender':'male'}

In oracledb module I can query of specific set of binds


          // The statement to execute
          `SELECT department_id, department_name
           FROM departments
           WHERE department_id = :id`,

          // The "bind value" 180 for the bind variable ":id"

Maybe someone will help

  var query = `
  select department_id, department_name from departments
    (department_id = :id_dep or :id_dep is null)
    (department_name = :name_dep or :name_dep is null)
  var binds = 
    {id_dep: req.body.id_dep
    ,name_dep: req.body.name_dep}


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