Some of my vs code extension update every day, and I have a limited amount of internet bandwidth, is it possible to stop a specific extension from the auto update?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, it is possible (and simple):

In the package.json of the extension, you will find a metadata section that look like so:

"__metadata": {
    "id": "0fcefdee-e09c-4b96-9998-f5dc891893dd",
    "publisherId": "1e02cadf-73ee-47be-8772-75da47b7921f",
    "publisherDisplayName": "Robert Plant"

Rename the id field, as "OLD id".

Below the OLD id line, add the following line

"id": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",

You will end up with:

"__metadata": {
     "OLD id": "0fcefdee-e09c-4b96-9998-f5dc891893dd",
     "id": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
     "publisherId": "1e02cadf-73ee-47be-8772-75da47b7921f",
     "publisherDisplayName": "Robert Plant"

You might have to reload the window and/or to disable/reenable the extension.

NB: If you need to do it for more than one extension, you will need to give each one a different id, otherwise, it won't work:


That's it!


So far, there are only settings for controlling all of your extensions. You can use the settings below:

  "extensions.autoCheckUpdates": false,
  "extensions.autoUpdate": false

Of course, you can always submit a feature request for controlling specific extensions individually.

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Add line bellow to settings.json

Use this format - "settingsSync.ignoredExtensions": ["extension-name"]

You can find the name of your extensions in VS Code settings or on the marketplace.

Example for quokka - VS Code extension marketplace

Example for quokka - "settingsSync.ignoredExtensions": ["wallabyjs.quokka-vscode"]

These settings will exclude extensions from auto-update.


Update as of vscode v1.85:

You can now choose which extensions to auto update. This is helpful if you do not want to auto update all extensions but selectively choose which ones to auto update. You can either select an extension or all extensions from a publisher to auto update. You can also choose to auto update all extensions from a publisher and then unselect individual extensions from that publisher.

First, enable update selected extensions:

auto update selected extensions

Then, for each extension you can do this:

auto update a specific extension

Previously (this method still works after vscode v1.85):

From GH Issue: Please make it possible to disable auto-update for a specific extension

Please try the feature Install Another Version... - right click on extension to see this action. Installing another version will lock the extension to that version.

So specifically choosing a certain version should stop future updates.

Also see https://stackoverflow.com/a/53755378/836330 about pinning/reverting to a specific extension version which should not allow auto-updating.

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