I would need to get the actual Request from a model in rails 3. I know there is not always an request processed, but if there is one I would like to be able to access it. How is it possible to reach. In case of controllers, the request method is in place. But now I need to access the request from a bit "lower level". Can you give me any clues how to do it in Rails?


You can store the request in the thread, and then access it anywhere. This is def a hack as you really should not break the MVC convention this way, and if a model is really request dependent you could always pass the request to the model as a parameter.

but the hack to make your request available everywhere would be for application_controller.rb:

before_filter :store_request_in_thread

def store_request_in_thread
  Thread.current[:request] = request

and in your model somemodel.rb or really anywhere you expect request to already exist, you can just access the request:

def something
  request = Thread.current[:request]
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    Thanks, yes it might be a bit hackie, but at the moment I do not see other way to make ActiveRecord behave differently based on the domain name where the request comes from. I am thinking about catching and storing the current request in the middleware. – fifigyuri Mar 4 '11 at 19:31

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