I am trying to integrate my comment form with Facebook login with following code:

FB_RequireFeatures(["XFBML"], function() {
FB.init("appID", "/xd_receiver.html", {"permsToRequestOnConnect":"email"}); } ...

< fb:login-button onlogin="update_user_details();" perms="email" v="2" class=" fb_login_not_logged_in FB_login_button FB_ElementReady">

After user successfully login on facebook via my site, their profile can be displayed in the form < fb:profile-pic uid='loggedinuser' facebook-logo='true' size='normal' height='54'>

But I can not find a cookie named fbs_*! I can only get a session named appid_user, which value is the user ID who just logged. How can get fbs_* cookie?

I noticed, there is a parameter cookie in old FB init method.

  appId  : "xxx",
  status : true, // check login status
  cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access the session
  xfbml  : true, // parse XFBML

any similar thing in new FB init method?


  • I think you have the methods the wrong way around. The FB.init you specify in your code block is present in the latest javascript sdk. Are you writing an iframe app? – el_tone Mar 4 '11 at 21:40
  • no, el_tone. I am not writing an iframe app. what's right method I can use to initialize FB? – ian.huang Mar 5 '11 at 4:23

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