The method description for append is

Construct a new body with an appended value for the given parametername.

while the method description for set is

Construct a new body with a new value for the given parametername.

But with append you can set a new value for a parametername as well. Both methods create the parameter when it doesn't exist so i was wondering why there are 2 methods that pretty much do the same thing and when you should use one instead of the other.

thank you


HttpParams values are array of values.

When you set the value, it will override all the values in the array.

When you append the value, it will push new values on the existing array.

You can check the difference like this:

    let paramsSet = new HttpParams();
    paramsSet = paramsSet.set('paramName', 'set');

    let paramsAppend = new HttpParams();
    paramsAppend = paramsAppend.set('paramName', 'append');

    paramsSet = paramsSet.set('paramName', 'set2');
    paramsAppend = paramsAppend.append('paramName', 'append2');


paramsSet will only have ['set2'] as the value, while paramsAppend will have ["append", "append2"].


Set sets a unique value for the given key :

params.set('toto', '1').set('toto', '2') // toto=2

Append appends an other value for the given key :

params.set('toto', '1').append('toto', '2') // toto=1&toto=2

If all of your parameters are unique, then you are correct the behavior will be the same; however, if you try to reuse a parameter, then the behavior will be different.

Set will ADD or OVERRIDE the existing value for that parameter. Append will always ADD a new value for that parameter even if one already exists.

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