I am trying to set up a continuous replication between PouchDB and CouchDB, where the schedule and retry is managed by PouchDB, like here:

       this.syncHandler = this.db.sync(this.remoteDB, {
            live: true,
            retry: true,
            filter: "Image/sync",
            query_params: {
                mandant: "aUserId",
                ids: await this.findAllDocumentIds()

I am using filtered replication with query_params, where the query_params may change over time. For instance, I need to send ids, which may vary with each individual replication.

Is it possible somehow to let PouchDB evaluate query_params the very moment when an single replication begins during this continuous replication? Is it also possible that this evaluation returns a promise so the actual replication will start after the promise has been resolved?

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