I recently moved to typescript to write React-Native applications, one thing i have noted is, i can use types without importing/exporting it. i have placed all the definition files under @types folder.

Is it correct way of using without exporting and importing types ?

If i import an external type from "node_modules" (say ViewStyle from react-native) and used it in my interface, it says "Cannot find the name" in IDE, i have to export the interface and import it where required to resolve this.

Note: i am trying to reduce the imports, IDE: vscode

  • Please add the relevant code to the question. – Matt McCutchen Aug 23 '18 at 11:37
  • You should import the types. They are dependencies of the file and should be explicitly listed as such. Global types should only be used for global variables – Matt Bierner Aug 24 '18 at 13:47

First option:

You can use TS namespaces - it will reduce the amount of imports in your app (you don't have to import each type from namespace manually). For example, let's say we have app.namespace.ts file:

export namespace AppConfig {
  export interface BaseConfig {
    url: string;
    port: number;

  export type MyMap<T> = {
    [key: string]: T;

  export class Settings {
    public p1: boolean;
    public p2: number;


import { AppConfig } from './app.namespace';
// ...
baseConfig: AppConfig.BaseConfig;
myMap: AppConfig.MyMap<number>;
// ...

Second option:

Just create .d.ts files in your projects (usually each application sub module have its own models file, so you can create some-feature.d.ts inside your feature folder). In this case you can use any type from the d.ts files without importing.

Check this Stackblitz demo

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