In android studio, String Resources store strings inside an xml strings.xml file and can be called in code like so:

enter image description here

Android Studio also has the convenient feature of previewing what is inside these resources inline:

enter image description here


When you click on the hint, it goes from the hint:

enter image description here

To the actual reference of the resource:

enter image description here

It does revert to the hint but only after navigating away from the file and returning to it after some time.


Is there another way to revert a reference to a string resource back to a hint other than navigating a way then returning to the file after a few minutes?


Do this,

Click on R.string.yes then press Ctrl and - to collapse and Ctrl and + to expand.


Right click, Folding and Collapse or Expand

  • This, in addition to @prashant17's answer worked. – isakbob Aug 23 '18 at 13:56

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