Is it fine to have a @Service annotated class calling another @Service annotated class? Or it is a bad practice?


public class MyService {

    // ...
    private MyOtherService myOtherService;
    // ...


EDIT - after 3 years

It's ok to have dependencies from one service to another. This is mainly because of reusability. If circular dependencies happen between two services from the same module, that's ok.

You should only avoid circular dependencies between modules.


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It is not any restriction calling a service from another one. Unless you make circular dependency between services.

Circular dependency : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circular_dependency

Circular dependency in spring : https://www.baeldung.com/circular-dependencies-in-spring


Its good practice since utility class are being ignored these days, approach getting motivated by horizontal scaling... Surely services got to interact with other.

No need to worry, its like one service manager needs services of another manager.

just only one should be dependent on other, not both.

public class MyService {
// ...  
private MyOtherService myOtherService = new MyOtherService();
// ...}

Try this. It is worked for me. You can use the methods of a service in many sevice.

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    The Autowired annotation does not make any sense, if you instantiate the object directly anyway.
    – jAC
    May 2 at 7:09

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