sorry for my trivial question, but I'm new to Python.

I'm trying to convert a series of JPEG images to BMP format and resize it. I managed to get the procedure for a single image, but now I can not automate the process so that the conversion happens in sequence. this is my script

from PIL import Image
img ="C:/Users/***/Documents/images/1.jpg")
new_img = img.resize((320,240))"C:/Users/***/Documents/immages_bmp/1.bmp")

The images are progressively renamed from 1 to 10000. Does anyone know how to help me implement a for loop to automate the process? Thank you so much for your help

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Something like:

from PIL import Image
from glob import glob
import os
myDir = '/Users/me/pictures'
pic_list = glob(myDir + os.sep + '*' + '.jpg')

for pic in pic_list:
  #resize, use a string replace to name new bmps
  img =
  new_img = img.resize((320,240))
  newName = pic.replace(".jpg",".bmp")

Should catch all the images regardless as to their naming convention, and will allow you to edit the list of names before you resize them (or not).

  • thanks, sorry but if I want to save the new images in a different folder, how should I do? – Lorenzo Benassi Aug 24 at 9:19
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    Is the name of your folder consistent? Something like: newName = newName.replace("jpgFolder","bmpFolder") (just after newName is first assigned). – Pam Aug 24 at 9:21
  • 1
    And make sure you have the folders (directories) already created before you run the program. – Pam Aug 24 at 9:23
  • It works properly, thank you! – Lorenzo Benassi Aug 24 at 9:30

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