Can you set a selectedIndex of a select when you set type in formlyConfig.setType?

I currently have this select2 and what I want to be able to do is set selectedIndex to -1 if model value is undefined or null.

    name: 'select2',
    template: '<select class="form-control" ng-model="model[options.key]"><option ng-if="::!to.required && to.removeBlank !== true" value="">{{to.nullDisplay}}</option></select><div class="div-after-select"></div>',
    wrapper: ['bootstrapLabel', 'bootstrapHasError'],
    defaultOptions: function defaultOptions(options) {
        /* jshint maxlen:195 */
        var ngOptions = options.templateOptions.ngOptions || 'option[to.valueProp || \'value\'] as option[to.labelProp || \'name\'] group by option[to.groupProp || \'group\'] for option in to.options';
        return {
            ngModelAttrs: _defineProperty({}, ngOptions, {
                value: options.templateOptions.optionsAttr || 'ng-options'
    apiCheck: function apiCheck(check) {
        return {
            templateOptions: {
                options: check.arrayOf(check.object),
                optionsAttr: check.string.optional,
                labelProp: check.string.optional,
                valueProp: check.string.optional,
                groupProp: check.string.optional

I have little knowledge on formlyConfigs and I'm not sure whether you can set this property in there. Can you at least point me in the right direction?

I want to do this in formlyConfig so it could be globally applied to all select2s in my app without the need to write this

document.getElementById("ID of an element").selectedIndex = -1;

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