If you look at the screen grab below you'll see that five rows of my geom_hex have a white border that make the plot look goofy. Why is this? How do I stop it? When I save with ggsave the problem gets worse (more white lines)!

ggplot(diamonds, aes(carat, price)) + geom_hex(bins = 50)


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    Are they still there when you save the image with ggsave? – camille Aug 24 '18 at 14:45
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    It only seems to occur at high values of bins – Chris Aug 24 '18 at 15:03

By default geom_hex only fills the hexagons and not their contours. Add a contour line (a "colour" in ggplot-speak) coloured with the same colour scale and that will fill the voids :

ggplot(diamonds, aes(carat, price)) +
  geom_hex(aes(colour = ..count..), bins = 50)


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  • and it's also claimed updating to ggplot2 3.0.0+ solves the issue – stackinator Aug 24 '18 at 15:53

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