I'm new to PhpSpreadsheet, I have a file with multiple sheets (all the same), I checked all the examples in the Reader section of the documentation, but each example ends with a code like

$sheetData = $spreadsheet->getActiveSheet()->toArray(null, true, true, true);

so seems that I can get my data only from the active sheet. I would like to loop through each sheet to get data from each one, something like:

foreach ($sheetData as $sheet) { 
    echo "...my data ...";

Any idea? Am I missing something? Thanks


You'd want to use the getSheetCount() method to determine how many sheets there are, and then use a standard for loop with getSheet():

$sheetCount = $spreadsheet->getSheetCount();
for ($i = 0; $i < $sheetCount; $i++) {
    $sheet = $spreadsheet->getSheet($i);
    $sheetData = $sheet->toArray(null, true, true, true);

See the Worksheet documentation.

  • I will read more deeply next time. Thanks for answering and pointing me in the right direction. – uomopalese Aug 27 '18 at 1:00

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