I'm trying to embed a live stream to android app. This code works perfect for other videos but when I put the URL code of live stream channel it is unable to load. It just keeps on loading. Suggest me something or is there any other API which I need to use for embedding live stream.

onInitializedListener = new YouTubePlayer.OnInitializedListener() {
    public void onInitializationSuccess(YouTubePlayer.Provider provider, YouTubePlayer youTubePlayer, boolean b) {

    public void onInitializationFailure(YouTubePlayer.Provider provider, YouTubeInitializationResult youTubeInitializationResult) {

  • According to this answer your code should work fine. Have you double-checked the ID you use refers to a valid stream ? Have you checked the stream is not private or anything ? – Arthur Attout Aug 25 '18 at 16:29
  • Yea, I updated the id and stream is also public stream – Prashant Luhar Aug 26 '18 at 5:38

First video id out-of-date so you need to replace another one and check agein

Also i think your code should be like below


YouTubePlayerView youTubePlayerView = findViewById(R.id.youtube_player);
youTubePlayerView.initialize(getString(R.string.google_developer_api_key), this);


public void onInitializationSuccess(YouTubePlayer.Provider provider, YouTubePlayer youTubePlayer, boolean b) {
    youTubePlayer.loadVideo(""); // your video id 

If you can't make it work with the YouTubePlayer API, you may consider using this alternative player: android-youtube-player.

This is all you need to do to play a live video:

Add the player to your XML:

    android:orientation="vertical" >


Initialize the player and play a video:

YouTubePlayerView youtubePlayerView = findViewById(R.id.youtube_player_view);

youtubePlayerView.initialize(new YouTubePlayerInitListener() {
    public void onInitSuccess(@NonNull final YouTubePlayer initializedYouTubePlayer) {    
        initializedYouTubePlayer.addListener(new AbstractYouTubePlayerListener() {
            public void onReady() {
                String videoId = "2ccaHpy5Ewo";
                initializedYouTubePlayer.loadVideo(videoId, 0);
}, true);

You can see a working example in the sample app.

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