I'm trying out Go's new modules system and am having trouble accessing local packages. The following project is in a folder on my desktop outside my gopath.

My project structure looks like:

  - /platform
      - platform.go
  - main.go
  - go.mod

// platform.go
package platform

import "fmt"

func Print() {

// main.go
package main

import "platform"

func main() {

go build main.go tells me

cannot find module for path platform
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I would strongly suggest you to use go toolchain which takes care of these issues out of the box. Visual Studio Code with vscode-go plugin is really useful.

Problem here is that Go requires relative paths with respect to your $GOPATH/src or module in import statement. Depending on where you are in your GOPATH, import path should include that as well. In this case, import statement must include go module path in go.mod


Assume your project resides here:


Your import path should be:

import "github.com/myuser/myproject/platform"


Assume your go.mod file is:

module example.com/myuser/myproject

Your import path should be:

import "example.com/myuser/myproject/platform"
  • This was bang on - in the case of go modules - I have to follow vgo's pattern, where I start the path of the import statement with the module's name. Thanks! – David Alsh Oct 30 '18 at 3:18

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