I can't find any good working simple examples of passing ArrayList set values from java to jsp and ArrayList set values from jsp file to java, vice versa.

I have looked in different sites and tried but it is not working. I noticed they are all from previous versions of Liferay in which the syntax are different or functions that can't be found in Liferay 7.0. I would like to know how it is correctly implemented for Liferay 7 version.

  • I assume this is a follow up to your deleted earlier question. In this case, the question is way too broad. I'd recommend to start with a Liferay tutorial (you find them on dev.liferay.com) and when done with it, come back with concrete questions, e.g. working code that needs to do just a little bit more. – Olaf Kock Aug 26 '18 at 19:19
  • Either I misread your question because of the earlier (deleted) question, or it's not asking what you want: The earlier question was about manipulating a Java list from Javascript. While Javascript can be on a JSP, it still is in a different execution context. Can you clarify? The way the question is currently phrased, the answer by @Eloytxo is absolutely correct – Olaf Kock Aug 28 '18 at 7:43

In your portlet java class, into your render method:

renderRequest.setAttribute("attributeName", yourList);

In your jsp:

<jsp:useBean id="attributeName" type="java.util.List<your.list.class.package>" scope="request"/>

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