I just installed gridengine & getting error when doing qstat:

error: commlib error: got select error (Connection refused)
error: unable to send message to qmaster using port 6444 on host "MyHost-VirtualBox": got send error

cat /var/spool/gridengine/qmaster/messages gives:

main|"MyHost-VirtualBox"|W|local configuration "MyHost-VirtualBox" not defined - using global configuration
main|"MyHost-VirtualBox"|E|global configuration not defined
main|"MyHost-VirtualBox"|C|setup failed

setting export SGE_ROOT and running sudo service /etc/init.d/gridengine-master start didn't help. I think the service isn't running. Should I setup more env variables or a setup file?

Running on Ubuntu. Installed by sudo apt-get install gridengine-master gridengine-client and accepted all defaults.


Most of the setup issues went away when installing the Debian version. need version 8 since debian is ver 8 & only debian master works ( gridengine-master_8.1.9+dfsg-8_amd64.deb).

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