We are trying to fine tune our Postgres database moving from v9.6 to v10.4 and make use of Parallel Index Scan feature. We are having issues to increase the value of Parallel Index scan (measuring it with an explain plan).

Explain plan v10.4 here: https://explain.depesz.com/s/0OM

Tuned Database Parameters:

force_parallel_mode <engine-default>    1
max_parallel_workers    <engine-default>    16
max_parallel_workers_per_gather <engine-default>    4
min_parallel_index_scan_size    <engine-default>    1
min_parallel_table_scan_size    <engine-default>    1
parallel_setup_cost <engine-default>    0
parallel_tuple_cost <engine-default>    0
random_page_cost    <engine-default>    0.1
seq_page_cost   <engine-default>    0.1
work_mem    <engine-default>    2621440

Can someone help us on this? We do not know why the value of parallel index scan remains the same after changing database parameters.

  • What was the upgrade procedure like? Did you rebuild/reanalyze the indexes? Done any major vacuum analyze commands on the DB since upgrade? – Joe Love Aug 27 at 19:57

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