I have a Redshift table with the following column table

How can I extract the value starting by cat_ from this column please (there is only one for each row and at different position in the array)?

I want to get those results:






There is no easy way to extract multiple values from within one column in SQL (or at least not in the SQL used by Redshift).

You could write a User-Defined Function (UDF) that returns a string containing those values, separated by newlines. Whether this is acceptable depends on what you wish to do with the output (eg JOIN against it).

Another option is to pre-process the data before it is loaded into Redshift, to put this information in a separate one-to-many table, with each value in its own row. It would then be trivial to return this information.


You can do this using tally table (table with numbers). Check this link on information how to create this table: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/articles/T-SQL/62867/

Here is example how you would use it. In real life you should replace temporary #tally table with a permanent one.

--create sample table with data
create table #a (tags varchar(500));

insert into #a
select 'blah,cat_incident,mcr_close_ticket'
select 'blah-blah,cat_feature_missing,cat_duplicated_request';

--create tally table
create table #tally(n int);
insert into #tally
select 1
union select 2
union select 3
union select 4
union select 5

--get tags
select * from
select TRIM(SPLIT_PART(a.tags, ',', t.n)) AS single_tag
from #tally t
inner join #a a ON t.n <= REGEXP_COUNT(a.tags, ',') + 1 and n<1000
where single_tag like 'cat%'

Thanks! In the end I managed to do it with the following query:

SELECT SUBSTRING(SUBSTRING(tags, charindex('cat_', tags), len(tags)), 0, charindex(',', SUBSTRING(tags, charindex('cat_', tags), len(tags)))) tags FROM table

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