I am just trying to delete pages that are after 20 if a document has more than 20 pages. This is the JS code I wrote for the Adobe Action.


  //Get total number of pages
  var totalPages = this.numPages;

  //If it has more than 20 pages
  if(totalPages > 20) {
    this.deletePages(21, totalPages); //Delete every page from 21
    this.saveAs(this.path); //Save it

} catch(e) {

When I run the action on Adobe, I get the followin error:

TypeError: Invalid argument type. Doc.deletePages:6:Batch undefined:Exec ===> Parameter nEnd.

Can anybody help me and tell me what is wrong??

Thank you!!


PDF page numbers in Acrobat JavaScript are zero-based. The 21st page is page 20 so your code would be...

this.deletePages(20, totalPages-1);

Also - The example in the Acrobat JavaScript documentation for deletePages is wrong so I understand why you wrote what you wrote.

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