I have a thread regarding this issue in the Ionic forum but with no solution yet. Very interesting issue.

I use this function, in app.component.ts

platform.registerBackButtonAction(() => {


Works totally fine in a fresh project. But not in the project I'm working with. So in the fresh project, I started adding components one by one and it didn't take long until it stopped working again. As soon as I added my cordova plugin it stopped working. Tried to remove it in my project but still no luck. Searched the web and saw some issues regarding this, e.g Camera plugin had this issue, also Google Maps plugin.

So the issue is pluginrelated, no doubt about it. But the question is how to get around it. Have anyone had this problem before and how did you solve it or does anyone know a solution to it? Do I need to add some Java code to the plugins to make it work?

Ionic-angular: 3.9.2


Managed to solve it. If anyone is experiencing the same issue. Solution is here: Solution in Ionic Forum

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